Torpedo Factory’s pop-up art gallery opens in Mosaic

The Artists @ Mosaic gallery will feature three exhibits, artist demonstrations and trunk shows through February 2018.

Torpedo Factory Grand Opening
Photo by: Kierra Chinn

Nov. 4 marked the grand opening of Torpedo Factory’s new pop-up art gallery, Artists @ Mosaic (2905 District Ave., Suite 115).  The gallery will feature over 60 Torpedo Factory Artists’ Association (TFAA) members, and will run Wednesday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-7 p.m. through Feb. 28, 2018.

Torpedo Factory Art
Photo by: Kierra Chinn

Prolegomena, the first exhibit to occupy the space, showcases 38 TFAA contemporary artists, among them those who experiment with paint, sculpting, photography, ceramics and mixed media. The current exhibit will be on display until Dec. 10 when it is replaced by the second of three total shows.

In addition to the rotating exhibitions, there will be ample opportunity for visitors to interact with local artists. Every Thursday and Friday (plus some Saturdays) artists will create works of art on-site, allowing guests to witness each artist’s creative process in real time. Carol Talkov will make Thursday “drop-in” appearances, while other local artists will partake in scheduled demonstrations on Fridays at 12:30, 3:30 and 6:00 p.m. The complete schedule of artist demonstrations can be found here.

On the weekends, guests can also take in Mosaic Trunk Show wares.

Torpedo Factory Galley
Photo by: Kierra Chinn

For those that are new to the art scene, we’ve compiled a list of tips for gallery navigation below.

Take in the space
Make a beeline for any food that might be offered—this will give you an opportunity to take in the physical space of the gallery without being distracted by a grumbling stomach. Along those lines, be conscious of what you hear and see. People may be talking about the layout of the space or how the art is arranged, which may provide you with a better appreciation for your surroundings. Make sure to check in with yourself as well, noting how the space makes you feel or memories that it may evoke.

Talk to an artist, event organizer, friends or someone nearby, perhaps with a drink in hand. Food and drink are always easy talking points and may open the door to conversations about others’ opinions and perceptions of what is on display.

Get a feel for the space first
Loop around the area once, not spending too much time looking at any particular piece but simply getting a sense of what artwork is offered and your first impressions of each. Note what you are drawn to (and also what you aren’t as intrigued by) so that you can make the most of your time during later rounds.

Don’t overthink it
Instead of trying to form sophisticated commentary about a work’s contrast of colors or attempting to decipher each piece’s meaning, try playing a simple “would you rather” game. Take in two pieces at a time and pick which of the two you would want to buy. This will help you slow down and begin to understand your own likes/dislikes.

Take one last look
Before leaving, loop around once more, making sure to stop at all of your favorites. Listen to what other people are saying about a piece that you admire—you might take away something you hadn’t initially considered.