Kid-Sized Candy Land this Friday in Purcellville

This Friday, you are the Candy Land game piece.

By Shelby Robinson


Photo courtesy of Bisams/


This Friday, Feb. 7, the Purcellville Public Library will be hosting an after-hours event where children are invited to play Candy Land on a life-size Candy Land board. Families with supervised children of all ages are invited to come to the library and break the usual library rules of quiet voices and no running.

Librarian Elisa Burggraf has worked at the Purcellville Library for five and a half years, but just recently had the idea to host after-hours events after seeing them posted on library blogs. Under her direction and careful planning, the Purcellville Library had their first after-hours event during the fall.

Burggraf and a few fellow librarians are making the life-size Candy Land board out of large, multicolored foam mats and candy decorations out of balloons, paper plates and cellophane. Because of the enormous size of the Candy Land board, it cannot be fully assembled until this Friday, before the event.

Karim Khan, the Purcellville Library branch manager, says he is excited that they have started hosting after-hours events, mentioning that, “It’s really nice because kids get to experience the library in a different way, which is a lot of fun.”

Get your family to this fun, indoor, free event this Friday for some sugary sweet fun. Light refreshments will be served.

5:30 p.m. @ 220 E. Main Street Purcellville, 20132