Let’s Get Prehistoric

Unlock the mystery of our prehistoric past and tap into your inner paleontologist at Discover the Dinosaurs.

by Janeé Williams

Photo courtesy of discoverthedinosaurs.com.


I think Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’  would agree with us when we say  there is no debate needed for how awesome dinosaurs are. With more than 1,000 different types of dinosaurs to explore, they are the perfect combination of history and fun.

These ‘fearfully great’ creatures ruled their environment and will keep your attention. Unlock the mystery of our prehistoric past and tap into your inner paleontologist at Discover the Dinosaurs, this weekend at Dulles Expo Center.

The event consists of two main areas: exhibits (8-10 scenes engaging you with motion, sight and sound) and interactive attractions (scavenger hunt, dino dig, mini golf, gem and fossil panning and rides).


Photo courtesy of discoverthedinosaurs.com.


 A perfect learning environment for you kids that is completely interactive and engaging. This event will keep your ‘dino’ senses heightened and keep your kids on edge as they explore the age of the reptile at Discover the Dinosaurs.


Discover the Dinosaurs
Dulles Expo Center
4320 Chantilly Shopping Center, Chantilly
$18 Adult
$25 kids 2-12
(Exhibit Plus)
$16 Kids 2-12
(Exhibit Only)
$16 Senoirs and Military
Free for children 1 and under.