My Perfect Snow Day

Northern Virginia Magazine ponders the activities of a family snow day.

By Robby Osborne

Last night the Academy voted Frozen the Best Animated Feature of 2014, and today we woke up to our backyard covered in snow. Whether it is a coincidence, or we have our own Snow Queen,  Northern Virginia Magazine wants to help everyone make the most of this snow day. Remember to bundle up and stay warm.


First we’ll go with the classic: Snow Angels. The snow angel is very traditional, a fan favorite of all ages, but surprisingly difficult to master. It takes a lot practice to turn a common snow angel into a work of art. Don’t forget to draw a halo in the snow for an extra-angelic experience. 

Photo courtesy of L.L. Bean.

Sledding is far and away one of the most enjoyable snow day activities, and every neighborhood has their own secret local spots. Over the years, Northern Virginia Magazine has worked to find some of the best hills in our areaSledding, of course, requires a sled, and sometimes on surprise snow days, your sleds are nowhere to be found. In times like these, you must improvise. There are three basic options, a trashcan-lid, a pool inner tube, and a skateboard. 

Trashcan lids and inner tubes don’t require any modifications, but the skateboard requires some work. In order to harness the potential for the skateboard, the trucks must be removed from the deck. By doing this, the skateboard turns into a psuedo-snowboard, but be warned: without bindings, it is very hard to stay upright, and the grip tape will collect snow, making it very hard to find once you wipe out.

Brian Hofacker/

Snow days are very monochromatic, but they don’t have to be. By mixing food-coloring and water into a spray bottle, its possible to paint the snow, or give that snowman some rosy cheeks. 

After the sun has gone down, and everyone is inside for the night, start a fire and break out the emergency supplies: Marshmellows, Chocolate, and Graham Crackers. S’Mores aren’t exclusive to summer campfires, and make a perfect end to a perfect snow day.