Pop Culture Madness

Del Ray Artisans will highlight the compelling cartoons, lampoons and caricatures of today’s celebrities with its Pop Culture Exhibit.

By Janeé Williams

Del Ray Artisans Pop Culture Exhibit
Photo courtesy of www.thedelrayartisans.org.

Pop culture has been running our world for quite some time now. It has taken over our televisions, moving people away from world issues and re-focusing them on the celebrities in the tabloids. The bulk of almost every generation has leaned on Pop Culture for their entertainment and fashion trends.

People have been showcasing celebrities in their art since before Da Vinci to Warhol. What will today’s pop culture reveal? Find out at the Del Ray Artisans Pop Culture Exhibit. Curators Zade Ramsey and Gordon Frank will highlight the compelling cartoons, lampoons and caricatures of today’s celebrities.

“Watching morning news shows, I find that as time went on, I have gotten more and more frustrated with the pop celebrities that litter our airways. Like it or not these people distract us and somewhat shape our popular culture” says Ramsey, one of the curators of the exhibit.

The inspiration of the exhibit came from pop culture’s continued pervasive grab at our collective attention span.

“The creators of these pop-stars and people that are famous for just being famous are the tabloids and television executives,” Ramsey says. “They push these people upon us instead of centering us on subjects that would make us more politically and intellectually able to make informed decisions as citizens of this country.”

The exhibit will bring together several different artists, varying in age and walks of life to showcase their work, providing an eclectic environment with a variety of artwork.

The exhibit will also feature a fundraiser called ‘Heads Up,” showcasing Styrofoam heads creatively designed and adorned by the artists. The artwork will be sold at a silent auction Friday night at the opening with proceeds going towards Del Ray Artisans.

Join Del Ray Artisans tonight at their opening Reception, starting at 7 p.m. you will be given the opportunity to chat with fellow art appreciators throughout the show. The exhibit will run until March 30. 

 Del Ray Artisans Pop Culture Exhibit
at the Nicholas A. Colasanto Center

2704 Mount Vernon Avenue,
Alexandria, 22301
7 -10 p.m., Free.