Beat the Monday Blues: Bobby Bare, Jr. is coming to IOTA Club

Come to IOTA Club Thursday night to hear Bobby Bare, Jr.’s rock stylings.

By Katie Bowles

Updated: November 14, 2019

Photo courtesy of Bobby Bare, Jr./Joshua Black Wilkins.

Bobby Bare, Jr. was raised by country royalty and nominated for a Grammy at the age of six. Impressed yet? If not, learning that Shel Silverstein was a close family friend and critiqued/helped write many of his songs might do the trick. Silverstein was actually the author of the Grammy-nominated song, a duet with Bare’s father (Bobby Bare) called “Daddy What If”.


For all that he has to be proud of, Bobby Bare, Jr. remains close to his fans, often playing smaller venues (like IOTA Club) and even house parties. He’s also the father of three children and appears to be passing on the music gene to them just as his father did for him–he recently recorded a cover of “Daddy What If” his own daughter, Isabella.



Bare, Jr.’s Americana-style music isn’t quite as country as his father’s, but it’s just as catchy. This tour celebrates the release of his newest album, “Undefeated” (recorded with his band, the Young Criminals’ Starvation League). Come see Bare for yourself in NoVA this coming Thursday, April 17, at IOTA Club in Clarendon. The show’s at 8:30 but you’ll want to get there early since IOTA only sells tickets at the door.

Bobby Bare, Jr. at IOTA Club
2832 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington
Thursday, April 17
Tickets $12 

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