From a Vikings author talk to a moms’ night out: What we’re looking forward to this week

This week, we’re looking forward to a Scandinavia-inspired author talk with Linnea Hartsuyker, a moms’ night out and some discounted R&R.

The Half-Drowned King
Photo courtesy of HarperCollins Publishing

This week, Northern Virginia Magazine editors are looking forward to a Vikings-related author talk, a moms’ night out and some discounted R&R at Salamander Resort.

By Eliza BerkonWinn DuvallStefanie GansRachael Keeney and Lynn Norusis

Viking lore in Arlington
Sept. 14, 7-8 p.m.

I’m a fan of History Channel’s Vikings. If you haven’t seen it, you really should take the time to catch up. The new season doesn’t start until Nov. 29, but thankfully I can get a dose of historic Scandinavian tales at One More Page this Thursday as the independent bookstore hosts Linnea Hartsuyker to talk about her book The Half-Drowned King. –LN// One More Page Books: 2200 N. Westmoreland St., Arlington

Midweek Moms’ Night Out

My sweetheart of a cousin, who escaped Florida last week just before Irma hit land, needs a proper tour of Arlington nightlife while she’s here. Provided we can get both get child care for our tots, I plan to take her out to a few bro-y haunts in Clarendon and maybe cap the night off with a marg from Taqueria Poblano. And if us moms get a little hungry by night’s end, there’s a Harris Teeter nearby. Cue scene from Bad Moms … –EB 

Weekday wellness at Salamander Resort

Don’t tell my boss, but at some point this fall I’m going to steal an afternoon for myself. Salamander Resort is offering 20 percent off 50 minute or longer spa services Monday through Thursday. Use the code Fall17. –SG // 500 N. Pendleton St., Middleburg

Seeing It in broad daylight

I read Stephen King’s door-stopper of a novel a few years ago and was terrified from the beginning—Georgie’s storm drain encounter with the supernatural fiend was just too much. But somehow I loved it by the end, so I know I have to see the 2017 adaptation, despite feeling pretty meh about the earlier miniseries. I just have to make sure it’s during daylight hours. –WD

Turning pages

I picked up an ambitious (and slightly depressing) beach read this year: Hans Fallada’s 544-page Every Man Dies Alone. Though the title nearly scared me away, when I read that the book was based upon a real-life couple’s Nazi resistance efforts and that Fallada wrote it in a mere 24 days, I was sold. I didn’t do nearly as much reading as I thought I would while on vacation, and now that I’m settled back into a work routine, I’ve decided it’s time to revisit my unconventional summertime page-turner. –RK