From judging a hat contest to zombie watching: What we’re looking forward to this week

This week, we’re looking forward to the International Gold Cup, the Clifton Haunted Trail, figuring out what to offer trick-or-treaters and attending the University of Maryland’s homecoming game.

International Gold Cup
Photo by John Nelson
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By Eliza BerkonStefanie GansRachael Keeney and Lynn Norusis

In search of a millinery 
Hats. Horse racing. Two things I know next to nothing about. So naturally I was selected to judge a hat contest at the International Gold Cup this Saturday. To prepare, I’ll be viewing YouTube clips of both My Fair Lady and Pretty Woman (think that might have been polo but whatever) and frantically searching my closet for anything remotely appropriate for such an event. Oh, and maybe I should buy a hat. –EB

Acting debut
This weekend my soon-to-be 11-year-old son is making his acting debut: He’ll be eating the guts of his friend. Where is this happening? And why would I sanction this? He’ll be part of the Clifton Haunted Trail, happening one night only on Oct. 28 from 7-10 p.m. –LN 

Buying Halloween candy and treats. What should I do …
This is the first year my daughter will actually know what’s going on for Halloween (well, kind of, she calls skeletons ghosts) so there’s added pressure on how to fill the treats bowl. Do we go traditional and stock the plastic pumpkin with Kit Kats and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or do we try to set an example of health and moderation and try to pawn off pencil erasers? Only thing I’m sure of is that we won’t be telling our 2-year-old we stole her candy to impress Jimmy Kimmel. –SG

Back to the old stomping ground
My mom recently gifted me a mug that says “Broke with a Bachelor’s.” Despite the accuracy of that statement, I am splitting the cost of a hotel room with three of my best friends to watch the University of Maryland take on the Indiana Hoosiers. Because our first homecoming game as alumni happens to fall on the weekend preceding Halloween, I will have to spend some time this week finding and creating a DIY costume to accompany my Terp gear. –RK