From a hot beverage happy hour to yoga and yogurt: What we’re looking forward to this week

This week, the editors at Northern Virginia Magazine are looking forward to drinking away the cold, attending a Yoga & Yogurt pop-up class, volunteering, seeing ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ and finding a new way to work out.

From left to right: Hot toddy, hot-buttered rum, Irish chai, spiked apple cider. // Photo courtesy of Brabo

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By Briana EllisonEliza BerkonLynn NorusisRachael Keeney and Stefanie Gans

Hot Happy Hour at Brabo
No matter that we’ve escaped—at least temporarily—what it would feel like to live in Wisconsin, it’s still cold. It’s still winter. We still need a strong, warming cocktail. Last Friday, Brabo debuted Hot Happy Hour with a lineup including: hot toddy, spiked apple cider, Irish chai and hot-buttered rum. Drink January away.  -SG // Brabo: 1600 King St., Alexandria

Knocking out two NYE resolutions
I don’t think I’d be wrong if I say many of us have “get in shape” and “eat better” on our resolution list for 2018. Rosslyn BID, in partnership with Hyatt Centric Arlington are offering an opportunity to help with these two through their Yoga & Yogurt pop-up classes throughout the month. For $15 and 45 minutes of your time you get instruction on yoga and a treat of a yogurt bar afterward. There are two sessions, 11:15 a.m. and 12:15 p.m., so there is no way you can say I couldn’t fit exercise into my schedule. –LN

Girls’ night
I’ve been wanting to see Pitch Perfect 3 since its December release but resisted the urge so that I could share the laughter with some of my best friends. I’ll finally be able to do that this weekend by taking a trip up to Crofton, Maryland, to visit my college bestie—she’s cat-sitting an 18-year-old feline (what?!) so we can’t venture too far away from her home. But we do plan on making time for dinner, drinks and maybe even some midnight bowling. Face masks and mani/pedis are obviously also on the list. –RK

Paying tribute to Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy of service
Community service is on my to-do list this week, this Monday being the Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service (not to mention 2018 marking the 50th anniversary of King’s death). If you live in this neck of the woods, check out the Arlington MLK Day of Service activities; if not, find an opportunity in your neighborhood. And if you can’t get the time off from work, consider making a donation to a local charity. –EB

A hopefully triumphant return to the athlete lifestyle
For all my obsessive planning and organization, I’m terrible at keeping a consistent exercise schedule. I was a varsity athlete in the old days (yes, I realize I’m 22, let me live) and had a strict conditioning and competition schedule. I’m always able to start a new workout routine for a month before stopping … maybe because I work out at home (our basement is a mini-gym). So I’ve decided to try an instructed class. I’m thinking aerial yoga or rowing. Luckily, we ran a nice list of places to do so in NoVA, so if you see me out there, give me a thumbs up. Also, Den of Thieves comes out this weekend. I’m intrigued by this action movie because the trailer is vague. Does the cop (Gerard Butler) know the thieves (Pablo Schreiber, O’Shea Jackson Jr.)? Do they successfully rob the Fed? Why is 50 Cent there? Is anyone surprised I’m penning a movie into my week? –BE