From B Side happy hour to Alexandria Restaurant Week: What we’re looking forward to

This week, the editors at Northern Virginia Magazine are looking forward to discounted cocktails, wine and beer, visiting Old Town Alexandria, the ‘Preserving Tropical Treasures’ exhibit, buying tickets for a Haim concert and writing.

Photo courtesy of Neighborhood Restaurant Group

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By Briana EllisonEliza BerkonLynn NorusisRachael Keeney and Stefanie Gans

B Side launches happy hour
My husband could have gone anywhere for his birthday, but he chose B Side. It’s one of our personal favorite places, verse the more fancy restaurants we frequent because of my job. This slim, dark den recently launched happy hour with $5 cocktails and wines, $4 beers and assorted snacks, all under $4. And I bet the January sales in Mosaic are so good right now … –SG // B Side: 8298 Glass Alley, Fairfax

Role reversal and Restaurant Week
I wrote about going to Crofton, Maryland, for girls’ night last week, but this weekend I will be playing host. We have yet to figure out our exact itinerary, but it’s on our list to visit Old Town AlexandriaAlexandria Restaurant Week starts on Jan. 26, so we will have to explore our discounted dining options while we’re there. –RK

Being inspired for warmer climates
I’m sure I’m not the only one who has said I’m ready for warmer weather already. Knowing that we haven’t even hit the tip of the iceberg-degree temperatures I’m going to find solace in Preserving Tropical Treasures, an exhibit by Ruth Ensley. But this showing is actually more about bringing awareness to the depleting natural habitats, so while I wish for warmer temperatures I’ll also be wishing our beautiful world lasts as long as possible. –LN

Picking out weathered denim shorts and center-parting my hair right now
On Wednesday, tickets go on sale for my favorite three-sister pop-rock band from the San Fernando Valley, Haim, coming to the Wharf’s Anthem in May. I’ve already promoted their video for “I Want You Back” in a prior post (just can’t beat the dance sequence at 2:52), so I’ll use this opportunity to share a video from their first album. –EB

Writing, writing—and yes—more writing
Last week I said I was going to start an instructed fitness class and I’m serious about it. This weekend I’ll take my first class, so I’m wishing myself the best of luck. I also plan to return to writing poems, short stories and novels. Inspiration and story lines come from my dreams (I usually have nightmares so any reprieve is appreciated and somehow derived from its horror-filled predecessor), and that inspo has been very active as of late. I’m going to start small with the poems and short stories and then move to the novel—a cliché, I know, but it’ll actually be my second novel, since I wrote one (yes, an actual entire novel) about five years ago. –BE