Devils Backbone Thru Hike treks up to NoVA

A series of events aims to tell Devils Backbone Brewing Company’s story.

Pours & S’mores // Photos courtesy of Devils Backbone Brewing Company

By combining the thrill of the outdoors with the pleasure of enjoying a favorite brew, Devils Backbone Brewing Company is venturing north of their Roseland headquarters to present a Thru Hike to the NoVA region, following the success of similar hikes in Atlanta and Richmond.  

Cara Flynn, special events marketing coordinator at Devils Backbone Brewing Company, says that the Thru Hike events serve as a way to inform the public about what the brewing company really is.

“The reason it’s named ‘Thru Hike’ is because of our proximity to the Appalachian Trail and the close tie that we have with the thru hikers that come through and visit us off the trail; that’s something we try and key into,” Flynn says. “It’s really kind of meant to show a little bit more of what we’re all about and kinda give a little bit of the flavor and spirit of the brewery to some of those places that are a little bit farther away—to give everyone an idea of what our brand soul is.”

Through June 15, there will be a selection of events that allow for participants to sample brews, eat local food and savor the outdoors. However, on top of the events, the Thru Hike is meant to honor the spirit and adventure of the outdoors.

We also take a hike leading into each of the weeks. We take a group of people out of a city with us on a hike. We were in Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia, this past Saturday and it’s really great to get a chance to take some time in nature and take a deep breath and get out of the faster-paced areas for the day,” Flynn says.

Future hikes are planned for Virginia Beach, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, but below find details on the upcoming NoVA Thru Hike events:

Trail Magic Beer Dinner
June 12, 6 p.m.
All day along the Appalachian Trail, there will be random giveaways followed by a specially prepared dinner at Blackwall Hitch in Alexandria. Tickets are available online and pre-registration is required. // Cameron St., Alexandria 

Crafts & Drafts // Photo courtesy of Devils Backbone Brewing Company

Crafts & Drafts
June 13, 4 p.m.
Create and take home Devils Backbone mugs, hats and more after sampling brews. // Courthaus Social: 2300 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington  

Thirsty Thur Hike Happy Hours
June 14, Times vary
Devils Backbone Brewing Company will be stopping in local bars for happy hour events around Ashburn, Alexandria and Arlington. Specific venue locations can be found on here. // Multiple locations

Pours & S’mores
June 15, 5 p.m.
Delicious s’mores and delectable craft beers? Who could pass that up? Grab a skewer and enjoy great company around an open flame. // The Board Room: 925 N Garfield St., Arlington  

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