Massanutten Resort launches new rewards program

For those that crave adventure throughout the year without wanting to break the bank, Massanutten Resort provides a potential solution.

Photo courtesy of Massanutten Resort

On June 13, Massanutten Resort launched a new rewards system called Massanutten Mountain Perks, developed as a result of changing times and the resort’s continued commitment to honoring loyal customers.

“The resort has really changed a lot over the years and we really wanted to develop something tailored to the locals that was going to offer them opportunities to visit us more often or take part in an experience that might be new to them,” says Marissa Andrick, marketing and media specialist at Massanutten Resort. “We really want to build a strong long-term relationship and drive deeper engagement with our surrounding community. We want to encourage people, families, to stay active together, learn something new and have fun.”

Divided into two options to appeal to varying needs of customers, the rewards program offers options that work for both frequent guests and the occasional visitor.  

The first option is an optional paid program via a Massanutten Play Pass, primarily geared toward those who frequently visit the resort. Once purchased for $50, 15 buy-one-get-one offers that can be applied to spa services, dining options and tickets to the WaterPark, among other places, will become available. In total, the pass offers are worth more than $500. Note that prior to using the BOGO offers, guests are encouraged to call ahead and check availability, however.

The second option, the resort’s version of a loyalty program called Massanutten Rewards, is a more casual one for those that don’t think they will fully utilize the Play Pass. Using a provided phone number, every purchase made turns into points that a customer can accumulate and redeem for certain offers. For every dollar spent, the customer will earn one point.  

Some offers include two Mega Zip tickets for 200 points, two WaterPark tickets for 400 points or four Slope-Use tickets for 800 points. 

There is also an option to receive a 5 percent rebate on points earned in the form of a Massanutten gift card. Rebates can be made by emailing 

This rewards program is not transferable and there are no refunds.  

Andrick hopes that this program makes the resort more accessible to guests that want to do more than just stay the night.

We want them to invite their friends and neighbors since we’re open to not just people staying overnight and we really do have such an amazing playground up here on the mountain,” she says. 

All questions about the new Massanutten Mountain Perks program can be sent to 

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