From golfing to Well Ray: What we’re looking forward to this week, June 17-23

This week, the editorial team at Northern Virginia Magazine is looking forward to playing at Topgolf, a local fitness festival, the farmers market and watching movies.

Photo courtesy of Well Ray

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By Katie BiancoJess FeldmanHolly GambrellStefanie Gans and Jennifer Zeleski

I hate all golf, except Topgolf
I’ve always been an athleteI quite literally cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn’t playing sports. I still hold the home run record for softball at my high school (oh, the glory days!), I played field hockey in college, I’m now an avid cult member of Orangetheory Fitness. And I recently joined a bowling league for the summer. Needless to say, I love a lot of sports and working out. Well, I love most sports. I do not love golf. It’s slow. It’s boring. It’s elitist. I just don’t like it! Not even Tiger Woods could change my mind. But I do like Topgolf. It’s quick-paced. There’s colorful lights. There’s beer. There are multiple games to play. And I can hit the ball as far as I can without having to worry if it’s going to go into an itsy, bitsy, tiny hole. You’ll spot me at the Loudoun location this Wednesday night with a few friends for a birthday party, trying to be casual and act as if I’m not the most competitive one in the group. -HG 
// Topgolf Loudoun: 20356 Commonwealth Center Drive, Ashburn; Reserving a bay: $25-$45 an hour

Lights, camera, action
I have been watching classic, Hollywood dramas with my family long before I even knew where The City of Angels was located. Movies are my escape. For me, there’s just something so magical about sitting in a room full of people you don’t know, hearing the same story and experiencing harmonious emotion all together. I still remember the first time I laid eyes on a young Humphrey Bogart through my television screen. A hero, yet a risk-taker—ah yes, every young woman’s dream. This Friday, I will be going back in time to Hollywood’s golden age while sipping on a beer under the stars, thanks to Rosslyn Cinema’s showing of Casablanca in Gateway Park at dusk. Time to fall in love with film (and Humphrey Bogart) all over again. -JF // June 21; Rosslyn Cinema Outdoor Movie Festival: 1300 Lee Highway at N. Lynn St., Arlington; free

Locally owned and locally grown
I’m such a sucker for farmers markets. Regardless of their location, they’re some of my favorite places to just be. Since moving to Northern Virginia, I haven’t gotten the chance to check out the local spots as much as I’ve wanted to (in reality, I haven’t wanted to wake up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday, sue me). But I’m itching to make a slew of summer recipes, so it’s time to get lost in the endless tables of multicolored heirlooms tomatoes, grab a bag of freshly picked corn and collect a few more cucumbers than I know what to do with. Four Mile Run Farmers Market in Alexandria will be my first stop on Sunday morning, where I’m hoping to snag a bagel (they’re highly sought after here … and in my own kitchen), a hot empanada and a cup of kombucha, along with some local produce. Ah yes, Sunday breakfast and weekly groceries done right. -JZ // June 22, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.; 4109 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria; free 

Watch toddlers attempt downward dog
I don’t care about the latest fitness craze—When does a mom of two babies ever choose a morning workout over 15 more minutes of sleep?!—and I’m all for the wellness backlash, but I do love Well Ray, Del Ray’s annual health fair. This Saturday, Mount Vernon turns into one long obstacle course where there’s free mini-classes of Pilates, CrossFit, spin, barre and the like going on simultaneously in the middle of the street. I’m a personal fan of watching the kiddie yoga class, where little legs balance into tree pose-SG // June 22; Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria

Time for the toys
Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes, knows that I’m a Disney super fan. I worked at the Magic Kingdom way back in my early 20s (yes, it was hot, but also magical) and have continued to visit over the years since. I introduced my daughter to Disney earlier than I probably should have (screen time is cool if it’s Mickey Mouse cartoons, right?) and she is currently obsessed with Toy Story 2 and 3 (Forget princesses. She wants to be a cowgirl like Jessie). She just turned 3 and I’m going to take her to her very first movie theater when Toy Story 4 premieres this week. As luck would have it, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is hosting a Family Party before the premiere that includes a lobby pre-show with Toy Story-themed games, crafts and activities. Then, I’ll watch the movie with my sweet girl—and start planning our next Orlando vacation. -KB // Two Family Party showings: Woodbridge, June 22, 9 a.m.; Ashburn, June 23, 9 a.m.; $15.30

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