Learn how to make a floral arrangement from expert May Bernhardt

May Bernhardt of Mayflowers Floral Studio is hosting a floral arrangement course this week based on classical artists Monet and Manet.

Photo by Artsy Vibes

Take one look at current trends and it’s easy to see that floral patterns and decorations are still having a moment. But what about making those decorations with some beautiful blooms yourself?

We’re not talking about Pinterest, although DIY is always encouraged. Rather, May Bernhardt of Mayflowers Floral Studio in Reston is hosting A Journey of Art through Flowers: Monet to Manet, where attendees will learn more about both of the artists’ distinct styles and how to translate them into their own floral creations.

The class, being held on July 18, is part of a series hosted by Bernhardt where she offers 90 minutes of instruction and guidance on flower selection and arrangement.

The previous theme for a similar class in June was also inspired by classic painters, Bosschaert, Renior and Rembrandt, and displayed how Bernhardt adapts their characteristics into her floral work.

Supplies and flowers are provided. For more information or to register, visit mayflowersreston.com. // Mayflowers Floral Studio: 11959 Market St., Reston Town Center on the Promenade, Reston; 6:30-8:30 p.m.; $250 per person

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