From trivia to celebrating the right to vote: What we’re looking forward to this week, Feb. 17-23

This week, the Northern Virginia Magazine editorial team is looking forward to Rom-Com Edition trivia, MerMagic Con, dancing and honoring the 19th Amendment.

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By Katie BiancoJess FeldmanHolly Gambrell and Jennifer Zeleski

OK I’ll admit it, I’m competitive
Last week, my roommates and I went to trivia night at Bar Bao for the first time since moving to Clarendon in August. The weekly affair is quite popular in our bustling neighborhood and apparently all over NoVA, which is something I definitely didn’t experience back in Boston. So, while our party of eight had a blast at our first go of the mind game, we came in third to last, which didn’t sit too well with a few of us competitive types (aka me). That’s why tonight, I’m going to attend a trivia night I know I can excel at, taking place at Courthaus Social. The theme of the night is Rom-Com Edition, and if there’s anything I know a lot about, it’s romantic comedies with recognizable, cheesy quotes and predictable plots you can’t look away from. This week, I’ll be able to redeem myself from our last go, and hopefully help my team make it to one of the top three spots.
-Jess Feldman, Editorial Assistant // Courthaus Social: 2300 Clarendon Blvd., Arlington; Monday, Feb. 17, 7-9 p.m.; free

“Part of your World”
One of the greatest joys of parenthood, I’ve found, is introducing your kids to the things you loved as a kid. My daughter has already claimed ownership of the hand-me-down Gerber baby doll that I loved so much throughout my childhood, she’s showing signs of loving interior design (She told me she wants to paint her room purple. That counts!) and she loves The Little Mermaid. That last common interest means we’ll be making a trip to MerMagic Con in Manassas this weekend. There’s plenty for grown-up mermaid fans to love at the convention, but we’ll be heading for the kid-focused events, like a mermaid meet and greet, a splash zone and mermaid-themed crafting. We’ll end the day with a home viewing of The Little Mermaid. Ariel would be so proud. -Katie Bianco, Editor // Freedom Aquatic Center: 9100 Freedom Center Blvd., Manassas; Feb. 21-23, times vary; $25-$299

Ready to feel the rhythm again 
I’ve danced on and off for my entire life. When I was little, I had vivid dreams of one day being a Radio City Rockette or dancing on famed stages across the country. Turns out, I grew to be 6 inches too short to even audition at Radio City. Truth hurts. After two years of modern dance in high school, I transitioned that love of movement into teaching yoga instead. But now, I’ve felt that ever-familiar call back to the artistic expression … at 23 years old. Lucky for me, Jane Franklin Dance is hosting an adult master series taught by Meredith Barnes starting this weekend. Barnes graduated from my partner’s alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and teaches modern choreography all over NoVA and the U.S. I can’t wait to slip back into my old ways, even if I’m a little too old for a pink tutu this time around. -Jennifer Zeleski, Editorial Assistant // Jane Franklin Dance: 3700 S. Four Mile Run Drive, Arlington; Saturday, Feb. 22, 9:30-11 a.m.; $25 for a single class, $100 for the four-week series

To the women who came before me
There are a lot of women in my life I’m grateful for, and many are those I know personally (my mom, grandma, mentors, friends, etc.) but there are several other women I’ll never get the chance to meet face to face, but should thank for the life I’m able to live. For example, those who were a part of the women’s suffrage movement deserve all of the gratitude in the world (especially during an election year). That’s why this Sunday, I’ll attend the League of Women Voters’ anniversary tea party. The group’s honoring its 100 years with tea and dessert, entertainment and meaningful conversations. It’s the least I can do to honor suffragettes’ legacies. The most we can all do? Register to vote and then show up to the polls in November. -Holly Gambrell, Digital Editor // Country Club of Fairfax: 5110 Ox Road, Fairfax; Sunday, Feb. 23, 2-4 p.m.; $20

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