Learn how to cook, act, play guitar and more with a virtual MasterClass membership

Kids don’t have to be the only ones learning new things from home. Gather new skills from interior design, publishing, cooking and more from worldwide experts.

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Chances are you’ve heard the names Howard Schultz, Gordon Ramsey and Anna Wintour. Despite being leaders in their respective crafts that don’t overlap very often, all three have one thing in common—Masterclass

With more free time at home now more than ever, you might be looking for other ways to entertain yourself other than just binging Netflix shows or taking your dog for yet another walk. 

For $15 a month, you can spend hours of your week devoted to learning about some of your favorite topics from global leaders through video series on Masterclass. Each video has an average time of 10 minutes and an estimated 20 videos per subject. 

Want to learn about filmmaking or acting? Learn from Spike Lee and Natalie Portman, respectively. How about learning how to sing, play the guitar or create stand-up-worthy comedy? Check out series from Christina Aguilera, Carlos Santana and Steve Martin

Of course, who would want to be stuck inside without the opportunity to dine-in at a restaurant without knowing how to cook? Learn techniques from Gordon Ramsay, Wolfgang Puck and Alice Waters (the last of which offers a series on home cooking). 

There’s quite the list that joins former Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz in the Business, Politics & Society section of MasterClass, and a large handful of writers who can help you turn your free evenings into that novel you’ve always wanted to finish. 

Finally, if you’re truly missing sports, learn how to shoot a basketball from none other than Stephen Curry, how to play tennis with Serena Williams, gymnastic fundamentals from Simone Biles or even ballet with Misty Copeland.

The opportunities are endless, and you don’t even have to leave your living room. Find out more at masterclass.com.

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