Get ready for Reagan National Airport’s 2018 renovations

Creating a new commuter concourse and two additional security checkpoints are on the airport’s to-do list.

Big things are happening for Reagan National Airport in 2018, with “Project Journey” renovations including transforming Gate 35X into a new commuter concourse area and adding two security checkpoint spaces above the roadway for Arrivals.

“One of the improvements is to convert 14 outdoor boarding positions for regional jets into a new commuter concourse,” Robert Yingling, the Project Journey communications manager, said. “The new commuter concourse will construct a building with 14 aircraft gates with jet bridges to get to those planes.”

Currently, after having to ride a bus to reach the gate, passengers must sit in a holding room until their plane is ready to begin boarding.

reagan national renovations
Photo courtesy of Project Journey, Reagan National Airport

The new concourse will also connect passengers to the National Hall, a region of the airport where guests can eat, drink and shop to pass the time while waiting on their flights.

“Folks will go from ticketing directly to security checkpoints, which will open up into the National Hall,” says Yingling. “The experience beyond that point will be unobstructed, freeing up movement between those three (and soon to be four) piers and will be including all the National Hall shops and restaurants as part of the post security experience.”

Speaking of security, one small change concerning electronics has already gone into effect. Since October, security officials have been asking travelers to remove any electronics larger than cellphones from their carry-on bags and place each into separate bins.

Guests shouldn’t expect any disruptions this holiday season, and though official dates have not yet been announced, those wanting to be in the know can sign up for construction alerts.