Thing to do in Culpeper, Virginia

Steeped in American history, Culpeper is a town that is starting to shuck its old feel and mold itself into a small town with trendy restaurants and stores.

Packard Campus // Courtesy of the Library of Congress

Harriet’s General
Walking into Harriet’s General is walking into true American hipster territory. Everything in the store—from the jewelry, beauty products, bags, clothes, shoes and toys to the home goods, decor and trinkets—is made in the United States, and the aesthetic is on-trend with leather, wood and ceramic pieces that carry witty phrasing and rustic images.

Thyme Market // Photo Courtesy of Thyme Market

Thyme Market
A quick spot for lunch that offers upscale items, the market next door to sister restaurant It’s About Thyme offers takeout items such as paninis, wraps, pizzas, entrees, salads and bakery and dessert items. The market shelves stock goods like wines, spices, sauces and marmalades.

Library of Congress Audio-Visual Conservation Center at the Packard Campus
A former Federal Reserve Building in Culpeper is now a preservation site of the Library of Congress’ audio-visual history. The 420,000-square-foot space holds more than 1.1 million films, television shows and videos of America’s cultural past from the 1890s through today. It also houses over 110 years of sound recordings including music, spoken word and radio broadcasts. Though the center is not open to the general public, patrons can enjoy free movies at the 205-seat Mount Pony Theater when the Packard Campus runs regularly scheduled showings on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The schedule is posted two weeks prior to showings.

Museum of Culpeper History
Inside the historic train depot on Commerce Street in downtown Culpeper is the Museum of Culpeper History, which showcases interactive exhibits and displays of the Piedmont’s past. The museum covers it all, starting with 215 million-year-old dinosaurs, moving through the Manahoac Indians, Revolutionary and Civil Wars and the Reconstruction period and ending with the 20th century.

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