Things to do in Martinsville, Virginia

Nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Martinsville is home to an award-winning museum, renowned art center, miles of natural exploration and an adrenaline-fueled racetrack.

Courtesy of Martinsville Speedway

Smith River Trail System
This local network of trails offers opportunities for hiking, bicycling and dining. The Dick & Willie Passage Trail, the longest public trail, stretches across a 4.5-mile path that connects the surrounding neighborhoods and gives hikers the opportunity to shop and dine at nearby establishments.

Courtesy of the Virginia Museum of Natural History

Piedmont Arts
The Piedmont Arts is an award-winning art museum that curates thought-provoking exhibits by international and local artists and hosts several performing arts events such as concerts and children’s performances.

Virginia Museum of Natural History
This state museum with award-winning exhibits documents ancient life, the Ice Age, Virginia natural history, fossils and more. Don’t miss the Hahn Hall of Biodiversity with a display of big mammals that includes lions, antelopes and leopards.

Martinsville Speedway
Adrenaline lovers will want to make a stop at the Martinsville Speedway where the racetrack hosts NASCAR competitions. While there, make sure to chow down on the Martinsville Speedway Hot Dog stacked with a dog, chili, mustard, onions and slaw on a steamed bun.

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