A record-breaking roller coaster is coming to Busch Gardens

The Williamsburg-based park’s new coaster, Pantheon, will be the fastest, multi-launch coaster in North America when it’s completed in 2020.

Photo courtesy of Busch Gardens

As if amusement parks aren’t thrilling enough, Busch Gardens Williamsburg recently debuted plans for a brand-new roller coaster, set to open in the spring of next year.

Pantheon, which earned its title from a combination of five Roman gods—Pluto, Neptune, Mercury, Miverva and Jupiter—features four launches, a high speed of 74.5 miles per hour and a 95-degree drop, making it the fastest, multi-launch coaster in North America. Plus, Pantheon’s launches go both forward and backward, varying in speed throughout the duration of the ride, giving adrenaline junkies a true rush.


“Pantheon is going to be nonstop action for riders,” said Larry Giles, senior director of design and engineering, at a press conference on Tuesday, July 30. “We’ve designed it so that the experience is changing all the time and will keep riders wondering what’s next.”

This is the fourth consecutive year of new attractions from Busch Gardens Williamsburg and marks the eighth roller coaster in the park, excluding less-adventurous rides for youngsters. 

While the duration of the ride breaches just two minutes, it is sure to appeal to those who dare to step foot on the cart, through its speed, power and strength. 

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