4 animal Airbnb experiences to enjoy in the DMV

Want to walk rescue dogs down the national mall or cuddle a baby goat in Charlottesville? Here’s where to plan your next weekend excursion.

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Millennials have been blamed for everything from the death of canned tuna to not buying houses due to an affinity for avocado toast. But one thing they might be willing to take credit for is the transformation of the travel industry.

Rather than booking a trip and snapping a few selfies, millennials are seeking experiences, ones catered to specific interests or hobbies. And the travel industry is taking notes. Airbnb, a trendsetter in the evolving travel industry, rolled out an entire portion of its website to experiences, including a section dedicated to animal lovers.

The list ranges from goat hiking in Pioneertown, California, to helping butterflies take flight in Columbus, Ohio. Below, find our favorite close-by Airbnb experiences to enjoy in the DMV.

A Capitol Beekeeping Experience
With recent efforts to care for honeybee populations across the United States, you might have heard about backyard beekeepers. Spend one hour with a local backyard beekeeper in Arlington, and learn all about the trials and tribulations of his three-year journey with beekeeping. Guests will get to peek inside the hive to find the queen and look for larva, pollen and honey, as well as taste the honey. Plan your sweet weekend visit soon! // $60 per person

Walk Rescue Dogs on the National Mall
Washington, DC
Catch our nation’s capital in an entirely new way, and give a local adoptable pup the walk they deserve. While taking a stroll down the National Mall, you will accompany a dog who needs a break from the boarding facilities of Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and if you come alone, you will be paired alongside a two-legged guest throughout the walk for casual conversation. All proceeds raised from the experience will go directly to the Lucky Dog Animal Rescue’s dogs and cats. // $35 per person

Fall Baby Goat Cuddle Sessions
Who can resist the cuteness overload of baby goats? No one. If you’re interested in immersing yourself in an hour-long bonding session with baby goats, you’ll want to head to this Airbnb experience in Charlottesville. Guests will learn all about caring for the furry friends and will get the opportunity to pet, hold, take photos and cuddle with the goats. Guests may also get the chance to see or interact with other farm animals on the property, including two mini pigs, Charlotte and Maybelline. // $25 a person

Nature Walks with Llamas
Find your herd within 40 alpacas and llamas at Lower Sherwood Farm. Tour guides Paige and Steven will teach you almost everything you need to know about the four-legged (occasionally spitting) friends on a 2-mile nature walk on the trails surrounding the farm. Guests will also learn the history behind the camelid family, how llamas were domesticated and what they are used for today. Lower Sherwood Farm has been raising, showing, breeding and training champion llamas in Albemarle County and were among the first llama breeders in Virginia. // $50 per person

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