SkySquad launches at Dulles and Reagan airports to make traveling with kids easier

The service provides an extra hand to families throughout the airport, including the dreaded security line.

mother and child at airport looking out window at plane
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Travel is fun, vacations are needed and flights to faraway lands can make you feel like an explorer. But add young children to the mix and you have a recipe for stress. After all, even with traveling’s perks, it can already be overwhelming.

Luckily for Northern Virginia parents, SkySquad launched at Reagan National Airport and Dulles International Airport in February. Created to help relieve stress for families traveling with kids and senior citizens who need extra support, SkySquad assists families throughout their entire airport experience.

SkySquad employees meet customers at their car upon arrival, help carry bags (and car seats and strollers) and lead them to the ticketing counter to help check bags and get them through the security line in a breeze.

Security is often a common cause of stress for traveling families, as many parents carry extra items for young children. SkySquad assistants are trained to anticipate the needs of both TSA and the families they’re helping. 

Once through security, SkySquad assistants will walk customers to their gate, where they help to watch the children, get snacks, watch luggage while the family uses the restroom and more. As part of the service, SkySquad assistants do not leave the family until each member boards the plane.

SkySquad assistants are also fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Romanian. For those interested, bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance. The cost is $39 per hour, and a minimum of one hour is required.  For more information, visit

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