Tips for Evaluating A School

By Renee Sklarew


1. Do teachers have relationships with their students, or ways of knowing the student?

2. What types of assessments are used, and how do they use tests to cater to the instructional needs of a student?

3. Do teachers and staff work together to coordinate instruction?

4. How do teachers differentiate instruction for different learners? Is there a pull-out system? Do teachers modify the curriculum?

5. Does the school embrace cultural diversity and teach values important to your family?

6. In what ways and what activities are used to engage students in the classroom?

7. What types of after-school or extracurricular activities do they offer?

8. How large are the class sizes, or what is the student-to-teacher ratio?

9. What is the philosophy about homework for elementary-aged students?

10. How often will children get exercise and be free to move around?


(August 2012)


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