Down in the Dumps and Avoiding Junk

Sick days still call for eating right.

I so wanted to amuse and regale with my myriad of weight-related horror stories, at least that was my plan for today, but I am sick and feel my capacity for humor or even coherence at this point is waning with my energy. 

I also have no appetite, which of course the meaning of this is not lost on me—less calories in. It’s the small victories, ya know? 

Literally the only things I crave when I am sick are: orange juice, hot soup, hot tea or some sort of shake.  
Yesterday I slurped down soup and savored tea. 
Today I tried for oatmeal and coffee but it was no doing. I had bookmarked this healthy chocolate shake I was dying to try so I decided on that instead. 

Skinny Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Shake:
½ cup chocolate soy milk, (I bought the light version with less calories)
1 frozen banana
2 Tbsp peanut butter (I used peanut butter this time, but think I’ll substitute it out for PB2 next time which is a fraction of the calories) 
2 Tbsp greek yogurt
2 tsp honey or agave (I used organic honey)
tbsp of cocoa powder (optional)

To say this hit the spot would be an understatement. I am borderline worried with how delicious this shake was and how badly I will now want it everyday to curb my chocolate cravings. Even though I generally crave hot soup or cold shakes when I’m sick, it’s still vital to incorporate nutrients that my body needs to get better, so not only have I been chugging my water, but I have also had spinach smoothies to incorporate my veggies. 

I figured now would also be a great time to share some other healthy options I’ve tried recently:

Roasted Veggies:
A lot of veggies work for this; I chose sweet potatoes and zucchini.

Cut veggies in little circles.

Lay out on a pan, drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and add a dash of salt.


Buffalo Turkey Meatloaf:
Ground turkey
Buffalo Sauce
Chopped Onions
Garlic Powder

For this recipe, I just threw spices in, added one egg, a few splashes of milk and several splashes of buffalo sauce.

Put the meatloaf into a muffin tin pan so they are easy individual sizes and drizzled more buffalo sauce on top.

I have also done this recipe before with blue cheese crumbles mixed in.

This is a really easy meal to either have on the go, or re-heat after a long day working.

I hope these few healthy alternatives have inspired you to stay on track as they have with me and fingers crossed I will be back to myself by tomorrow so I can share the Crossfit-inspired workouts I’ve been doing.