A New Year That Has Never Been

Getting geared up for the new year and new me.

My birthday has come and gone. Cake was enjoyed. Mimosas were sipped (err downed). One sticky s’more was savored. And now …  Now I wait another 364 days for my birthday to come around again. Oh, I’m also detoxing. This time with a little less trepidation than before , quite honestly after having done Paleo for the past few months, the influx of dairy and sugar this past weekend was more than my body could handle. 

Onward to my 28th year. As with any big change in my life I relish in new goals, objectives and where I would like to steer my ship for the coming journey. And of course like with New Year’s, my birthday resolutions aren’t much different. As I sit here sipping my wildly potent green smoothie (meaning it is heavy on the spinach and kale, while light on the fruit) I am committing myself to these tasks for the year ahead:

•   Taking my daily vitamins again, as I got off course there for a bit.

•   Sticking to Paleo, but perhaps trying veganism—mostly because it seems like a challenge, but also because it seems to make healthy sense. I just don’t know how I feel about giving up eggs. Oh,and bacon. That might be problematic. So Paleo it is for now, with considerable thought for veganism.

•   Getting in my workouts six days a week. OK, I would even be happy with five as I tend to want to go whole hog and say I’ll workout seven days a week, but honestly I know I won’t for some reason or other and then I just feel bad when I fail.

•   I want my muscles back. I mean I know they are there, I flex from time to time and see them. But they are still kind of hidden by cellulite. I want to look like a warrior. But a womanly one. I don’t need or crave six-pack or even four-pack abs. Are they still called that? 

•   I want to eat so cleanly that if I cave and eat McDonald’s I will get sick. Although honestly, this weekend with the sugar influx created some pretty violent rejections in my body, so quite frankly I might already be there. I really don’t know what my deal is with McDonalds and Coca-Cola though. I watched “Super-Size Me” and all that accomplished was me wanting a Big Mac more than ever. Thanks a lot Morgan Spurlock. 

And mostly, more than anything in my new and fresh, never been experienced 28th year of life I want to be happy. If I have learned anything from my 27th year it’s that being much more present and grateful for all the little ways in which I am changing, living and bettering myself count just as much—if not more—as my coveted end result.