Best of NoVA 2017: Broadcast Beat Reporter

2017 Best of NoVA Personalities winners.

Pat Collins

Favorite place to celebrate: Home with family, friends and a bushel of crabs

Favorite place to connect with nature: Mount Vernon Trail: river on the left, highway on the right, bike path in the middle

Favorite place tourists don’t know about: Gravelly Point. There is just something about watching planes take off and land that gives me goose bumps.

Favorite place for a day of fun: A golf course—especially  one without too much water

Favorite place for a night out on the town: I am sticking with Old Town. Good pubs, good grub, good shopping. I know Clarendon is hip, but it doesn’t get hopping until way past my bedtime.

Favorite place for a day of shopping: Costco: food, clothing, even tires for your car, a taste sampling in every aisle. It’s a two-shopping-cart experience.