Best of NoVA 2017: Local Artist

2017 Best of NoVA Personalities winners.

Nicole Seifert

Favorite place to celebrate: An outside table at Sonoma Cellar has been my go-to lately.

Favorite place to connect with nature: Great Falls for hiking, or walking through the trails on Roosevelt Island. Mount Vernon is also an awesome spot to explore. I’ve been a million times, and it never gets old. Kids go wild running through the grounds. There’s a magic to the history there, and the gardens are beautiful.

Favorite place tourists don’t know about: There is a spot at Indigo Landing right off of the GW Parkway where you can spread a blanket and picnic, grab a beer from the little restaurant and watch the planes go by right overhead from National Airport. Kids will bring a kite and count the boats. It’s a hidden gem.

Favorite place for a day of fun: Vineyards and people-watching in Middleburg

Favorite place for a night out on the town: I recently did the escape room on King Street. Honestly, before going, I thought it would be super cheesy, but it was surprisingly so much fun. I did that followed by drinks at PX, which is hands down the coolest bar in Northern Virginia.

Favorite place for a day of shopping: Old Town has the best (women-owned!) shopping boutiques: Mint Condition, Shoe Hive and The Hive, Bellacara and Mystique, to name a few.