Best of NoVA 2017: Male Evening News Anchor

2017 Best of NoVA Personalities winners.

Jim Vance

Favorite place to celebrate: On the lawn at Wolf Trap

Favorite place to connect with nature: For quiet reflection, I’ve always enjoyed Great Falls.

Favorite place tourists don’t know about: There’s a couple of really nice, interesting vineyards, the location of which I’m not going to reveal so that I can continue to have them all to myself.

Favorite place for a day of fun: I enjoy the ride, the ambiance and the food at the little spot on the other side of Skyline Drive off of 522.

Favorite place for a night out on the town: I’m a big fan of Signature Theatre and the area around it.

Favorite place for a day of shopping: For me, a favorite day of shopping is test-driving McLarens, Rolls and Lamborghinis at that dealership in Sterling.