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RdV VineyardsThink you know Virginia wines?
Think again. Virginia’s wineries are no longer just pretty places with wine as an added bonus.
Northern Virginia is home to serious wine and winemakers, both longtime pros and promising newcomers. With more than 300 wineries in the state—and 100 in NoVA alone—Virginia continues to build buzz as an emerging wine region worthy of a day (or overnight!) trip.

We talked to local winemakers and wine professionals to find out why this region is on the national radar. So, find a perfect day trip, learn Virginia’s go-to grapes and bring home a bottle with the help of industry experts. October is Virginia Wine Month, just the right time of year to get reacquainted with our very own wine country.

By Jessica Strelitz, Stefanie Gans, Peter Njoroge & Jess Feldman

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Winery Day Trips

Winery Day Trips

Brag Book
Explore iconic spaces and taste bottles that will erase any doubts: Virginia does indeed create world-class wines.

All the Sips
Cure grape fatigue by checking out the housemade beer and spirits at these wineries that double as breweries and distilleries.

Pretty Places
Spend the day swirling beautiful wine that matches the Instagrammable views.

Get Friendly
Explore these boutique, intimate wineries where the bosses are in the house and ready to chat.

Bring the Family
These casual places are ideal for parents to sip and kids (and dogs!) to run free—just not in the tasting room, please.

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